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Beyond January: New Year Design Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions is a time honored tradition that many of us make at the beginning of each New Year. How often do we strive to lose weight, eat better, to be more organized, or to be more punctual? We start the year off with the best of intentions, but then by February we have lost them all! What if these traditional new years resolutions also translated into our home decor? Could we make design resolutions for our home just as easy as we can for ourselves? Maybe we can’t avoid eating that second slice of cake and its just too freaking cold to go to the gym. But at least our homes can benefit from our well intentioned resolutions to just be better in the year ahead.

Moments of Motivation

We all make New Years resolutions, but very seldom do we keep them. Having decor pillows with words of encouragement are casual reminders of our goals and intentions. We love Redbubble’s mission of connecting independent artists with consumers. These pillow covers slip over your existing pillows giving your face and instant face lift making them an affordable solution to enhance your personal design style. Here are some our our favorites:

Image: Red Bubble
Image: Red Bubble
Image: Red Bubble

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Positive Reflection

A fresh start begins with a fresh perspective. As you continue to grow and change as a person, so does your decor tastes. Reflect the positive changes in your life with a chic and sophisticated wall mirror. We love the classic simplicity of the Perrie Mirror from Grandin Roads. It as a good stable piece that can grow with you; seamlessly transitioning through all of life’s peaks and valleys.

Image: Grandin Road

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Let the Light In

People are phototropic. We are attracted to natural light and light filled spaces. Add some sheer curtains to your home for a soft layer of privacy and maximum light exposure. Winter days are short, we need all the natural light we can get to remind us that spring is right around the corner. We (and our clients!) love the Doy Stripe Sheer Curtains from World Market. BONUS: It comes in a set of 2!

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Become a Master of Time

Time management is tough. An oversized wall clock will put the current time as a focal point in your home. If you can’t remember to pay attention to time maybe your guests will as they gaze into this beautiful timepiece. Showcasing one of the latest Design Trends of 2018, Mixed Materials, the Jazmin Wall Clock from Ashley Home Store is sure to make an stunning statement piece in your home decor. The first step to being on time is to know the current time!

Image: Ashley Home Store

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While we may not be able to keep our personal new years resolutions, at least we can update our home to reflect the best that 2018 has to offer. Anytime you strive for improvement, whether it’s in your home life, personal life or business life it counts as a success. Remember to celebrate each an every win, no matter how small. Here’s to making 2018 your best year yet! Until Next Time! – D

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