#Holiday Mantle Decorating for Every Design Style

The #holidays are upon us! Christmas shopping has begun, lights are on the tree and we are busy getting ourselves holiday ready. Still working on your last minute holiday decor? In today’s post we will focus on Holiday Mantle Decorating for every design style.

Traditional Holiday Mantle


A timeless holiday classic. Focus on traditional holiday motifs and provide lot of greenery. Stick with one theme, whether its Santa, reindeer, snowman, or presents. This will help keep your design and color scheme focused and not overdone with too many elements. The colors of the holiday season are plentiful. For traditional and transitional inspired decor stick with a neutral desaturated color palette. Too many bring colors and shapes will conflict with your home’s decor. To keep your mantle in trend with the current style look for large scale artwork with festive seasonal wording. We like this Wonderful Wall Art Sign from Pottery Barn

Wonderful Sign @PotteryBarn

Bohemian Inspired Holiday Mantle


Bring on the colors bring on the textures! We love a bohemian inspired mantle for a good dose of holiday cheer. These mantle designs work best on white or whitewashed mantles as the bold colors contrast nicely against the white background. Experiment with your existing home style. A bohemian mantle can be just as powerful against a black, brick or rustic background. When designing a bohemian mantle keep your greenery large and not too deeply hued, look to magnolia leaves or eucalyptus stems. What mantle can be complete without a colorful bohemian inspired garland. We love the Florasphere Garland from Anthropologie

Florasphere Garland @anthropologie

Modern Farmhouse Inspired Mantle


Image: Instagram

The Modern Farmhouse trend has taken over the holidays.  Its been increasingly popular over the past year. See our past post on Modern Farmhouse Entryway Ideas. We love the monochromatic color story in this image. It still signals holiday cheer without utilizing traditional holiday colors. Implement a few farmhouse standards to achieve this look, galvanized metal or stainless steel containers, chalkboard displays and all white figurines. We especially love that the stockings are black and white plaid versus the traditional red and black seasonal look. We like the Buffalo Plaid Chimney Stockings from Etsy

Image: Hungbythechimney @etsy

Romantic Inspired Holiday Mantle


Perhaps we are romantics at heart but we just love this romantic inspired holiday mantle. The fluffy, glittery textures on the garland are feminine and fun. Use shades of soft pink and cream tones when designing romantic inspired mantles. Also utilize mirrored elements, pearls or crystals to give it an additional feminine touch. Leaving cookies, or macaroons, for Santa. Try leaving them in a covered dessert stand for that added stylish touch.

Until Next Time! -D