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How to Boho: Home Styling Tips for Bohemian Design

Image: Justina Blakeney, Jungalow

Oh the colors, the patterns, the plants! Bohemian styled homes are bold, rich and colorful. They celebrate our wanderlust with a global infusion of textiles, shapes and patterns. Ranging in style from bold maximalism to chic refinement, these spaces are inviting, comfortable and filled with stories of great adventures.

With all colors, patterns and textures it can be tough to figure out where to begin. Do you love the completed look but get lost in the details? Or do you get stuck between two patterns that you love but not sure which to chose? (HINT: Chose them both!) We put together our own step by step guide to help you make your bohemian styled dream room. Stay tuned for our next Shop The Look post featuring our Dayziner Styled Bohemian Living Room!

The Rug

We love area rugs! A beautifully created rug is its own work of art. When chosen correctly, it can easily be the statement piece that sets the style tone for the room. Often times it’s the next big ticket purchase after furniture. If you have existing furniture pieces that you are reusing, a stylized accent rug can completely change the look and feel of your space.

When we style bohemian rooms, we like to start with the rug and work our way up.

STYLE TIP: Look for colors and patterns that you love. This is your opportunity to build a foundation of the color story for your space.

Image: West Elm
Image: West Elm- Enlarged View










Have a small area but still want to capture that bohemian essence? Consider a round area rug. These rugs are great for small spaces and can easily be outfitted with a bistro table and chair or small console table for a completed look.

Image: Safavieh
                           Image: Nuloom










If you’re not quite ready to commit to a color explosion, opt for neutral rugs with simple geometric pattern and lots of texture. Shag, wool and jute are great textures to work with that capture the woodsy, natural quality of bohemian spaces.

Image: Joss and Main
Image: Joss and Main









The Greenery

One of the key elements of bohemian spaces is the earthy connection to nature. Boho spaces are filled with botanicals of all different shapes and sizes. Banana trees are very popular. The big, billowy leaves create a big impact  and really help bring the outdoors in. The dwarf variety of these trees can grow up to 12 ft! If you live in a climate restricted area, or if you don’t have a green thumb, there are numerous silk options available that are quite deceptive! Palm and eucalyptus potted plants also work well in boho homes.

                          Image: Target
Image: CB2


For smaller scaled tabletop greenery, opt for succulents in a variety of shapes, sizes and color. You can pot them in a variety of colorful pots to help tie in your color palette, or chose one consistent color and style for a refined look.

Hand Crafted Accessories

If you look around your local home decor store, Macrame is having its style moment! It’s warm, hand crafted appeal is perfectly fitting for bohemian spaces. These hand crafted works are reflections of Moorish culture dating back to the 13th century. They tell a centuries old story of globalization, practicality and utility.

We love the look of macrame plant hangers. Available in a variety of colors these are a fun  and practical ways to hang your potted plants. Hanging plants provide another layer of design style to your space, and is an opportunity to take advantage of your vertical space that is often overlooked.

Image: A Rum Fellow via Daily Mail
Image: Pintrest








Hand crafted knit throws are also ideal for bohemian spaces. They provide a sense of warmth and personal connections. Many knit throws are accompanied by stories of the artisan behind the work. This adds a sense of culture and connection. Going on a trip? Stop by the local market and pick up a hand crafted blanket to add to your space. The hand dyed hues add a rich color to your space and you will be supporting local economies. Its a win/win!

The Window Treatment

Bohemian windows range from bold and colorful, light and airy to nothing at all. It comes down to how much light you want to let in and the desired look and feel you want to have for the space. For a light and airy look, select sheer curtains that let in the most light but still provide a softness to the room. For bolder spaces look for colorful window treatments in typical bohemian shapes such as medallions, or abstract geometric motifs.

Image: Anthropologie
Image: Anthropologie
Image: Elle Decor

Sometimes your design is simply the star of the show and no window treatments are needed. That’s OK too! After all, how are all those plants going to get their daily dose of sunlight? Note that the lack of window treatments will take away any needed privacy. In many cases the removal of window treatments is best suitable for the back of house areas, secluded spaces or other areas away from heavy traffic centers.

Bohemian spaces pack a big style punch! There are so many intricacies and details to make the space a unified whole. Jump right in and get started accessorizing and collecting items from every journey you take. It will fill your space with adventure, memories and stories for years to come. Ready to get started but don’t have a trip on the books? Stay tuned for our next Shop The Look post featuring our Dayziner Styled Bohemian Living Room!

Until Next Time!