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Celebrate the wanderlust. This color infused Bohemian inspired living room  is bold, inviting and ever stylish. Cross cultural forms and shapes. Mixed patterns and textures.  Total Plant Love. This room will capture your sense of adventure and have you planning your next great escape.

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Virtual Styling by Dayziner

If you are a frequent visitor to our site you know that we often love to begin our design story with a great statement piece. Area rugs are one of our go to starting points. For Bohemian Inspired Places area rugs go a long way toward setting the tone for the look and feel of the space. We discussed the power of a great area rug in our last post, How To Boho: Home Styling Advice for Bohemian Inspired Spaces.

We were immediately captivated by the Monaco Collection of Rugs from Safavieh.

Image: Safavieh

Love the rug? Find it HERE

The beautiful multi-color pattern has a great color story. We can pull so many colors from this rug making it a strong foundation piece for the space. We were instantly drawn to the blue, pink and golden hues. This sets the tone for our next big pieces.

The Furniture

West Elm Paidge Sofa

Love the Sofa? Find it HERE

We already decided our main colors were blue, pink and gold. Next up we need to build out our space. To capture the bold eclectic nature of bohemian spaces we selected this navy sofa from West Elm. This sofa is a chameleon. It can be dressed up or toned down and it adds just a touch of drama. We love the easy curved shape of the arms. It is inviting and approachable and does not compete with the other geometry in the room.


World Market- Square Embossed Table

Love the Accent Table? Find it HERE

This end table from World Market was a great product find. It picks up the golden hues from the area rug and becomes a key element in our color story. We love the geometry of curved cutout and the traditional mandala artwork that adorns the unit. This table captures the spirit of travel and hand crafted motifs from exotic locales. We are kinda obsessed with it!


Z Gallerie Pascual Coffee Table

Love the Coffee Table? Find it HERE

A lovely coffee table isn’t only a functional piece, it can also pack a style punch and enhance the look and feel of the space. We love the Pascual Coffee Table from Z Gallerie. It adds a touch of glamour and style to our boho room. The subtle gold undertones blend ever so stylishly with the rug. We also love the mirrored effect, it helps reflect light into the space and adds an ethereal, earthy feeling.


The Plants

A Bohemian space would not be complete without some greenery! We wanted to add scale and layers to enhance the look of our final design. Selecting silk plants gives us the opportunity to incorporate botanical species that are not native to our climate zone. Not only is this a great maintenance free solution, but it adds another layer to the story of exploration and travel. This helps create that global feeling inherent in bohemian spaces. What’s even better, we didn’t have to travel far to find these great exotic solutions.


Love the Plant? Find it HERE


Love the Plant? Find it HERE

The Accessories

We added an additional sense of greenery to the space by including botanical artwork. This is a great solution for bringing nature in, without the maintenance. It will collect less dust than taller silk plants and many times, is a more cost effective solution.

World Market Cactus with Gold Frame

Love the Art? Find it HERE

This Cactus framed art from World Market was the perfect find for our space. The rosy gold background blends nicely with the area rug and is the perfect representation for our color story. The airy desert setting evokes a feeling of travel to places far and wide while captivating our spirit of wanderlust.

We paired it with a set of framed botanical leaves to balance the composition above the couch.

World Market

Love the Art? Find it HERE

STYLE TIP:  When purchasing art that comes in a set don’t feel obligated to keep the set together. Breaking up the images and sprinkling throughout the room will provide consistency to your art focus.

Keeping the color focused in one centralized area adds impact to the room and balances the eye. We kept the window treatments light and airy to not only give the eye a visual break but to maximize light coming into the space. What we love about the curtains is that the color and shape is centralized on the top half of the curtain.

Anthroplogie Adalant Curtain

Love the Curtains? Find it HERE

This instantly adds volume to the space, making the room feel higher. Often time this upper portions of the room go untreated due to its height. These curtains make sure the room is styled from every angle. And, what bohemian space would be complete without tassels!

Speaking of tassels pillows are great opportunities to add some tassel style to your space. This is also your opportunity to go crazy mixing patterns and textiles.









Love the Pillows? Find it HERE

Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem that the patterns don’t work together at first glance. Patterns have a funny way of working together one the room is completed.

STYLE TIP: Spread the love! Don’t feel obligated to put all the pillows in one place. Accent chairs are great places for decorative pillows. You can event place them on the floor against of piece of furniture to help balance the space.

We love Bohemian spaces. They are celebration of adventure and travel infused with color and style. Embrace pattern and textures into your everyday life and break from tradition. Celebrate the wanderlust and find your inner happy place. You will be glad you did.

Until Next Time!