We All Scream For…Ice Cream Colors!

Ice cream and Summer go together like warm apple pie and well… ice cream! OK, there is pretty much nothing that ice cream doesn’t go along with! It come as no surprise that Ice Cream is now sneaking its way into the home decor scene. Yes, you heard that correctly…ice cream + home decor! Our two favorite things…together! Our little design hearts are exploding!

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Ice Cream Colors is the home design trend for Summer 2018. These mouth watering creations that have been tantalizing our taste buds are now a feast for our eyes and we couldn’t be more thrilled. When it comes to selecting ice cream colors it seems the yummier the better! Simply pull the colors inspired by your favorite treat to create the inspiration for your design palette!

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Create Your Palette

Don’t know where to begin? To make a room that is uniquely you think about your favorite frozen confection. Then use one of the many color visualizers available to select potential color swatches to fill your space.  Sherwin Williams Color Snap is a great resource! (For more Design Tools read our post Top 5 Interior Design Tools Used by the Pros)

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Keep in mind not every color needs to be applied to the walls. Look for decor and accessory pieces in your favorite mouth watering shade. Pillows, areas rugs, curtains and lamps are great ways to pull color into the space. Even better these items can be easily changed out with the season or when you are are ready to move on to something new.

Soft Touch Ice Cream by Plasma Nodo

When in doubt, a visit to the ice cream store is a sure fire way to gain some inspiration and cure your craving at the same time! Ice cream shops have been incorporating bold, fruity hues for years. Think about capturing the joy and whimsy of a spontaneous summer ice cream run into your palette. If your design brings you back to your lighthearted, carefree days, then it’s a job well done!

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Ice cream colors are so popular because they are so transcendent. These colors make us smile and help us to remember the easy, breezy summer days of our past. Think about adding layers to your space as if you are adding toppings to your culinary creation. The cherry on top… there’s no rules! That’s right! You can create the biggest, boldest sundae, go global with a cup of  European inspired gelato, or kick back with a bowl of fruity pastel hued sherbet. It all works and its all delicious!

If you feel good about your space, if it makes you happy then it will be successful! No one eats ice cream and feels stressed, we eat ice cream because we are stressed! Our spaces are reflections of us. So, why not make your space reflect something that you love. So we say, eat the sundae, get inspired and worry about the calories later! And about that stress…just remember, stressed spelled backwards is desserts!

Until Next Time!