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Why We Love Tiny Houses

Ok we admit it, we are currently obsessed with Tiny Houses. Like pack our bags and sign us up level obsession. One of our go to shows is Tiny House Nation on DIY network. It’s so fun to watch these spaces come alive and the utter excitement the owner has on the reveal. They even featured an episode where they made a custom  dog elevator to get the little pooches upstairs. Brilliant! Although it wouldn’t work for our 48 lb hound lab mix, but maybe the cats…‌

Here’s why we love Tiny Houses

Photo: Cypress Tumbleweed Houses

Portable Style

Not only can you hitch one of these up to your vehicle and travel to your hearts delight, you get to do it in style! Smaller spaces means more budget to focus on the details. Some exterior facades on single family homes are gorgeous but simply out of the budget. Tiny houses are completely customizable so if craftsman style shaker shingles are your jam then go for it!

Photo: Cypress Tumbleweed Houses
Photo: Cypress Tumbleweed Houses


In small spaces you simply have to be efficient. You can have a fully functioning kitchen with laundry room and living area. The trick here is to maximize your vertical area and add lots of storage.


Photo: Molly Winters Photography
Photo: Bodega Pictures

Tiny houses, though efficient are statement pieces. You can really focus on your similar style without breaking the bank. How many times have we heard a client say I know exactly what I want but I can’t afford my style. Materials are priced per square foot, the less square footage need the lower your out of pocket costs. Your initial budget should be spent on the built in pieces that are needed to make the space livable. After these selections are finalized, have some fun! Go for that exotic piece of luxury vinyl tile. Select a higher grade of granite counters than normal. Remember to keep your finish selections writhing lighter tones to maximize reflectivity and make the space feel more open.

Want to experience Tiny Home Living to see if it’s right for you? Check out these wonderful Tiny Home Villages. Admittedly we are not outdoors people by any means, but these Tiny Houses had us at hello. Until next time! -D

Photo: Tiny Digs Hotel Portland. Via: Curbed
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