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    #GivingTuesday: Designs for Dignity

    We humbly announce that today is not about us. Today is about doing good and the power to transform lives. Today is #GivingTuesday. Designers have the ability to bring an idea to reality, to make the old new again, or to add a level of comfort and protection in the spaces we reside. The nonprofit organization Designs for Dignity does all this and more and transforms communities. Nonprofit Spotlight: Designs for Dignity “Designs for Dignity transforms nonprofit environments through pro bono design services and in-kind donations – empowering lives through design.” The process is simple, designers and construction professionals donate their time and use donated materials to breathe new life…

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    Black Friday: Black and Charcoal Decor

    The number one shopping day of the year is here, Black Friday! In honor of Black Friday we are celebrating black and charcoal decor. Black is a bold, deep and dramatic color choice. Charcoal is a friendlier alternative that has many different undertones that can work to enhance many design palettes. Black and Gold Gold is having a moment right now. We saw it in many showrooms at High Point Market ( see our  High Point Market Recap https://dayziner.com/highpoint-market-recap/) Pairing Gold accents with Black instantly adds luxury and sophistication to your space. The contrast also adds a definite focal point to the room. In this image the eye is instantly…

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    #ThanksgivingGoals: Food Art

    In honor of the upcoming turkey day we have compiled a list of our #ThanksgivingGoals that celebrate food art from various designer around the world. We searched the internet for the offbeat and inspiring and we just can not believe how creative artists can be with food. Thanksgiving is about food and family, but rarely do we look at food as true works of art. To be a true curator of the design is to celebrate all types of design and creativity. Today we are celebrating those that create whimsical beauty in unexpected ways. Carved Fruit An ode to an x-acto knife! We are obsessed with the intricacy of this…

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    Thanksgiving Tablescapes

    In a blink of an eye Thanksgiving is upon us! November has flown by and to be honest, we are still eating Halloween candy! The last part of the year always seems to be a blur of holiday shopping, crazy deadlines, festive parties, and busy schedules. We recently came across the #tablescapes decor trends for this Thanksgiving holiday season. Tablescapes are beautifully decorated holiday tables that are sure to impress. They vary from the simple to elaborate and encompass every design style imaginable. Every host wants to be remembered for their beautiful home, trendy decor and wonderful food.   Although we work a lot with neutrals, we absolutely love color.…

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    Effortless Neutrals: Pale Blue Edition

    Fall is upon us and the holidays are right around the corner. The leaves are starting to change and we are planning our thanksgiving menus while looking forward to spending time with our loved ones. Above the red and orange tinged trees we notice the perfectly clear pale blue sky and my heart found its instant happy place. It’s no wonder that blue is one of the most popular color for interior spaces. Its subtle neutral pairs with any decor. It relaxes us and connects us to nature. We provided a roundup of some of our favorite pale blue interior spaces We love this pale blue mid century model chair.…

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    Curated Design for Style Inspiration

    The holidays are upon us and the drool worthy holiday catalogs are already in the mail. One of favorites so far is the Pottery Barn December 2017 issue. Its pages are filled with easy, comfortable style that has a timeless, classic feel to it. We find that it is a good go to for design inspiration and many of their decor pieces blend with a variety of design styles. One of the things that make these catalogs so successful are the curated design vignettes. Curated Design refers to the act of pairing objects together by a common theme and arranging them into a completed room layout. The great thing about…

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    Establishing a Design Concept for Interior Spaces

    Have you ever gotten stuck on what to do with your space? Does staring at four white walls feel completely overwhelming and you just don’t know where to begin? Here is a little secret…designers feel that way too! One of the ways we work through the brainstorming process is utilizing what we call a Design Concept. A design concept can be a phrase, a statement or even a series of images. Its the driving force behind your design or layout. It essentially becomes your mantra for the space. Whenever you reach a point where you just don’t know what to do anymore, you look back to your design concept for…

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    Virtual Interior Design

    There is no doubt that a warm and inviting interior space can shape our perception of a home, business or experience. With the popularity of Pintrest and Instagram there are so many droll worthy options that would be so perfect in your dream house. Or would they? Maybe the proportions of your space isn’t quite the same so that wonderfully effective and out-of-this world gorgeous furniture layout just won’t work. Maybe you have an impossibly narrow entry way and you just don’t know the best way to make it match your dream pin board. This is where the benefits of a virtual interior designer comes in. For a minimal cost…