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Top Design Trends For 2018: Vintage Lights

With the end of the year upon us Design professionals, Pintrest pinners and Style Influencers are predicting the top design trends for 2018. Design trends will shape the way we shop, what we see in the magazines and how to decorate our homes. Start preparing now to set the tone for the New Year with one of the top trending decor element: Vintage Lights

Vintage Copper Pendants

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We have seen copper and brass and other metals as one of the top design trends for 2017. In 2018 Copper takes center stage as unique statement pieces. Copper is a bit of a chameleon, blending well with rustic, industrial, farmhouse, cottage and even bohemian styles. Look for dome or globe shaped pendants to added to the vintage feel. We found this Mini Copper Pendant on Amazon

Not ready to completely comment to copper? Consider fixtures with  a copper accent on a clear glass dome. You will still get all the vintage style with a modern twist.

Wireframe Geometric Pendants

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Playing off the popular geometric terrariums of 2017 these fixtures add a fun twist to everyday pendant lighting. Available in black, bronze, gold and copper these features showcase can showcase intricate detailing or simple curvatures depending on the fixture. The key is the exposed vintage style light bulb. The warm light created by vintage light bulbs instantly sets a period tone. STYLE TIP: Look for LED Vintage style bulbs to get a brighter white light while saving on your electric bills. The look very similar to Edison style bulbs but are much brighter. We recommend:

Vintage Chandeliers

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Cue the drama! These chandeliers combine pendant lights with that of a a traditional chandelier. Still incorporating elements of exposed vintage style light bulbs and metallic finishes, these chandeliers are vintage with a modern twist. Look for varying cord styles such as ropes or pulleys to create your own design statement. STYLE TIP: Measure your space, including ceiling height and pay attention to cord length when selecting any hanging fixture.

Want the look? Here are a few of our top product pick:

Vintage Glass Domes

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A re-imaged classic. The clear dome fixture has received its vintage style makeover with textured glass and Edison style bulbs. Perfect for the modern farmhouse or bohemian design style. STYLE TIP: Group individual fixtures in multiples and hang at varying heights for added impact. Here are some of our top product picks:

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So there you have it. Our roundup at 2018 newest design trend, vintage light fixtures! Have you tried it? We love to hear from you! Until Next Time! – D



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