Shop The Look: Rustic Farmhouse

Farmhouse inspired looks, vintage pieces and rustic home touches have played center stage in 2017. We have seen many modern farmhouse room scenes from entryways, to living rooms, to kitchens. The popularity of television shows such has Fixer Upper, easy comfortable lifestyle trends such as hygee and our own hectic daily routine has put the focus on an simplistic, organic easy style to maintain design style.

In this shop the look feature, we took design inspiration from a vintage photo shoot and added classic comfortable pieces to create a rustic farmhouse inspired living room. Best of all you can purchase each piece directly through our partnership with Muzeboard!

Rustic Enchantment

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor

Our inspiration lies in the rustic enchantment of this curated photo shoot. The vintage pieces blend effortlessly with whitewashed country cottage elements and warm linens. There is a certain other worldly quality of this image that instantly sets a tone and a feeling of long ago while still being in the present. We captured the essence of this feeling with a design that is both modern and vintage, rustic while still maintaining a charming cottage element.

Shop the look: Rustic Farmhouse

Image: Dayna Hairston for Dayziner

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Our inspiration image featured a mix of tones, textures and finishes to create a layered composition. Mixing colors is a simple way to add interest and balance to the room. Look for accessories with unifying color scheme to help complete the look and add layers. Here we used accent pillows in compliment the furniture and blend the dual color scheme.

We added rustic touches in our furniture selections to bring a grounded organic element to the room. This also sets the stage for the introduction of weathered and white washed elements to for a touch of cottage charm.

To bring more farmhouse qualities to the space look for accessories that connect to your personal design style but still maintain a level of usability such as canisters or a galvanized storage basket or bowl.

Wall signs have become increasingly popular in farmhouse decor packages. Look for simple words or phrases printed on burlap, canvas or other rustic background. Keep the phrasing simple and minimal. Alternatively, chalkboard signs will also work and compliment the statement ceiling light fixture.

Like what you see? Click on the attached link to shop the look! Feel free to contact us for alternative suggestions, or additional pieces to create your own personal design style. We also create custom curated looks though our virtual interior design services. Send us an email or leave us a comment! We’d love to work with you!

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