Lovely Lilac Living

Move over Gen Z Yellow, Lilac has taken over as a MAJOR home decor trend for 2018. Instagram feeds everywhere are filled with this fresh and springy hue. Many designers had their doubts when Pantone named Ultraviolet as the 2018 Color of The Year. (In case you missed it, check out our Ultraviolet post HERE) Now that we are halfway into 2018 it seems like the deeply saturated and mysterious color has yield to its lighter, brighter and cheerier cousin. Trust us, we are NOT complaining!

We love seeing Lilac on everything from subtle pops, statement ceilings to full on wall color! In fact, we pulled a together a round up of some of our favorite Lilac installations along with tips on how to make this color work for your space.

Design Tips for Lilac Living

Lilac Furniture

Image via Style Me Pretty

We all need that one statement piece in our home. That one piece that is impossibly on trend and will get everyone talking. In today’s current design climate lilac furniture will do exactly that! With lilac being on the lighter side of the color spectrum, it’s easy for this color to migrate closer to the pastel theme. If this is not your design intent, pair the color against deep, bold masculine hues.

We love how this image pairs the pastel sofa against the black painted brick. This is a great way to appeal to lovers of both masculine and feminine decor or couples with differing design tastes. It combines the very best of both worlds, seamlessly blended into one palette. Finding a design compromise that caters to two distinct tastes and is beautiful at the same time?! Now that is what we call #adulting.


Whole Room Paint

Image via The Decorista

Sometimes it pays to just commit. We know, we know…it’s  scary!  But if this is the result then it’s certainly worth the risk. We love how this light hearted and whimsical color comes together perfectly in this classiacally styled room. Lilac isn’t the color we typically think of when it comes to refined and sophisticated! This is a great example of the interplay between color and styling to create a cohesive room scene.

Trim pieces such as crown molding and wainscot panels are instant ways to dress up a wall. Adding in luxurious fabrics such as silks and velvets add to the overall sense of romance of refinement. (For more tips to nail the romantic design trend view our blog post, HERE.)

Luxe Lilac Panels

Image via My Domaine

One thing we learned about lilac is that it pairs perfectly gold. But it also pairs nicely with…books! We love using books as a part of our design styling. The multicolored spine as a decorative touch to any display. Its also a great way to showcase your collection to your guests.

Using props such as books helps to break up large expanses of color without detracting from your design theme. It is a logical placement that simply makes sense. Painting an entire room one color can be over whelming, especially if using a bold color. Look for ways to break up color such as tall diplay cabinets, fireplaces, built in wall units, etc. This will provide a natural resting point for the eyes and help to balance the space.

Vanity Hues

Image via HonestlyWTF

Speaking of  gold…lilac and gold were simply made for each other. For a fresh, feminine and flirty look pair these two together and bask in the glamorous glory! Lilac cabinetry is a great way to freshen your space. The lighter hue helps keep the space light and airy. Complement with gold hardware for an easy DIY update.

Lilac work great in small spaces. Light is a premium in smaller rooms. Crisp white with lilac accents will help the space feel more open and airy without sacrificing style. Give it a try!

Statement Ceilings: Lilac Edition

Image via Decorpad

Oh 2018, what a year its been! Did you know that 2018 is also the year of statement ceilings. Finally ceilings have been getting some design love with fun and colorful accents. Why not look up for an unexpected pop of color! And what color could be more unexpected than lilac… ON A CEILING?! Yes, please! Usually if we think of a painted ceiling we think of shades of blue, to mimic the sky. While we love blue, why not give another color a try?


What we love about this room is that all the color is removed from eye level. The true design punch comes from the ceiling. And it just works! This move is especailly powerful for a bathroom. Everything is kept clean and pristne. Which is exactly how you want to feel in a bathroom! Design Tip: Make your space look how you want to feel!

Lilac Accent Wall

Image via SF Girl By Bay

We love a good accent wall. In all its forms. Across every design style. So it makes perfect sense to give lilac some design love. We love all the colors that pair with lilac. They all just seem to work which make lilac a total design chameleon!

For a retro spin pair lilac with warm tones to instantly escape to another era. There is something both reminiscent and current about this design pairing. And that is what makes it work. It‘s equal parts familiar and mysterious. That not only draws us in, but leaves us wanting more. Isn’t that exactly what design should do? If that is your design intent, give lilac a try today!

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