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The weekend is almost here! What better way to rest and relax after a long week than to settle into a cozy, comfortable corner. The corner of your room is the perfect place to create a tucked away reading nook. We love a good window seat but very rarely do we find one that fits into our space and we never quite seem to have the time to build our own. Let’s get a little creative and maximize our space with this beautiful Bohemian Inspired Reading Nook.


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Interior Styling by Dayziner LLC

1. Select A Dramatic Accent Chair

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To create a dream worthy reading nook, start with with a piece of furniture that you love. Perhaps it’s that one chair that you always wanted but could never make work. Or, it’s the whimsical or unique piece of furniture that only you love. This is YOUR moment to relax and unwind, fill it with all the things that you love. We love this classic peacock chair. It is one of the hallmarks of bohemian style and the star of the show. Find your feature piece and select furniture and accessories to enhance it and make it your own.

2. Add a Touch of Comfort

Love The Look? Find it HERE.

Love The Look? Find it HERE.

The key to a successful reading nook is to capture the feeling of comfort. Add plush, decorative pillows and throws to surround yourself with warmth. Opt for soft, lush fabrics that have a delicate hand-feel. The simple act of touching can instantly promote a feeling of relaxation.

As you begin to accessorize your chair, start to establish your color palette. This is especially important if you have a neutral chair or rustic as the one in our inspiration image. Here we want to capture the lightness of the sun filled room. Filling the color scheme with pale neutrals allows us to introduce color into the space while keeping the room subtle and soft.

The intricate beading on the pillow adds a layer of texture and geometry to enhance our design story and also compliments the geometry of the accent chair. Repeating forms and shapes with your decor pieces is a good way to add visual interest to the space. This is especially important in small spaces where your only have a moment to create an impact.

3. Find Your Rug

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Comfort does not end with the seating. The flooring underfoot can also effect your comfort level. Who wants to get up from a lounge position only to have your feet freeze once they hit the hard floor?! Add an area rug that feels comfortable and soft as you sweep your feet across it. This not only helps with the FEELING of comfort but also with the PERCEPTION  of comfort. Relaxation is all about mindset. Create an atmosphere that will help you maintain the highest level of relaxation.

Look for area rugs that keep with you design theme. To capture the Bohemian look, opt for global geometric patterns that compliment the shapes in the room. For help mastering the Bohemian aesthetic  read our previous blog post How To Boho.

4. Add In Greenery

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Connecting with nature is one of the biggest ways to promote relaxation. A tall potted plant will help fill in the awkward corner space that never gets used. If you place your accent chair too close to the corner you will bump your elbow with every turn. Place your chair about a foot away to allow for proper clearance and use the resulting exposed space for your potted plant. Your new plant will thrive being next to a light source and you will enjoy the cleaner air and lush greenery.

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Keep in mind not all greenery has to come from live plants. You can capture the essence of a plant filled room with plant inspired wall art. Perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb! We love these vintage cactus prints from Target. It compliments the softness and ethereal nature of the room. DESIGN TIP: If your furniture and accessories choices are dramatic look for wall art that is understated. Focus on creating one dynamic feature and supplement as necessary with softer toned elements.

5. Dress Your Windows

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How you dress your windows will define the look and feel of the space. As humans we are attracted to light and our eyes will naturally travel to a light source. Opt for window curtains that enhances the furniture arrangement for a complete look. For our Bohemian inspired space we are capturing the soft, effortless, romantic qualities of bohemian decor to create a light and airy, ethereal space. Fuse together the ideals of Romantic and Bohemian decor to find the perfect window treatment solution. Need a brush up on Romantic Design? Read our previous blog post on Romantic Design to master the look.

We opted for sheer curtains in neutral white to maximize the amount of daylight entering the space. The floral arrangement at the top of the curtains help to soften the space and add a touch of femininity.

6. The Final Touches

Dress up a boring wall with a bold pop of color and texture. Adding wainscot paneling (decorative panels installed on the lower part of the wall) are a great wall to add texture and sophistication to the wall. It is a simple DIY project that completely changes the aesthetic of the room and  protects the wall from bumps and dings. There are many different types of paneling available. The most common and easiest to work with is bead board. You can fit it at your local home improvement store.

What Bohemian room would be complete without a  splash of color?! To complete the room and leave a lasting impact, we opted for a dark navy similar to Sherwin Williams 6537 Luxe Blue. We love the contrast of the rich blue against the stark white paneling. One of the great things of installing a wainscot is that it allows you to use a stronger color on the upper portion of the wall. The deep color is less overwhelming as it is only covering a portion of the wall. The interplay of light and deep colors creates a bold impact to complete your design story.

We hope that you can create your own personal retreat to relax in as we celebrate the end of the week. You worked hard, your deserve it! Let us know how we can help you with your next Interior Design project!

Until Next Time!