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Style Advice: Top 5 Tips To Nail Romantic Design

Romance is in the air. No, our candy coated hearts aren’t showing their ooey-gooey centers. We are talking about the Romantic Decorating style. Fresh and feminine, romantic designs are light filled spaces characterized by softness, fluidity, and the tactile richness of luxurious fabrics such as silk and velvet. Capturing the ease and spirit of comfort and connection is the key to creating your own romantic abode. Follow us as we break down the Top 5 Styling Tips to create your own Romantic Oasis.

Soft Fabrics

Image: Sherwin Williams

Layers of plush comfort.

Capturing the feminine quality of a romantic styled room isn’t solely reduced to hearts, flowers and candles. Think of the warmth of an embrace. The cozy comfort of a warm sweater. The Hygge feeling on a cold winter’s night. Outfitting your bedding with a velvety smooth throw, or silk pillows is an ideal wall to bring in the romantic quality of comfort by focusing on our sense of touch. Look for crush-worthy fabrics with a smooth hand that you have to feel to believe.  Incorporating these elements will make your design as experiential as it is comforting.

Adore Magazine Via Remodelaholic

Focusing on soft fabrics also helps create a romantic inspired atmosphere that is gender neutral. Do not feel obligated to use a explicitly feminine color palette. You can easily capture that look and feel with a few distinct decor pieces but opt for darker, more masculine hues for the overall color palette. We think the above photograph  is a perfect example of mixing hard and soft color elements to create a aesthetic agreeable to both sexes.

Painted Furniture


Infuse your space with style and re-purpose your existing furniture in a bold feminine hue.

This makes for a great statement piece that reflects your personal design style. With this DIY project, the opportunities are endless. Painted pieces are thoughtfully created as original works of art. There is a certain nurturing quality and forward thinking involved to produce these gems. While we don’t know the clear cut reason as to why painted furnishings is a key component of this design style we like to think it is reminiscent of a mother caring for her child; seeing the potential and nourishing and cultivating their gifts until they are ready to take on the world.

No matter the reason, the results are simply stunning.

Floral Patterns

Image: Doordecorate
Image: Pintrest

A classic pairing.

Although romantic designs have taken a modern spin, floral patterns continue to be at the heart of this design style. For an unexpected twist, consider painting a floral motif on  furniture or other large scale accent pieces. It will provide a classically feminine aesthetic ideal for traditional and vintage spaces.

Pastel Color Palette


Light colors soften the room. There is fantasy fairy tale nature that pastel colors bring to the space. These light desaturated tones help reflect light making the room feel more open and airy. To keep the space from feeling too bubblegum pair the pastel decor items with desaturated grounding hues such as beige and gray. This will help to elevate the space, creating an aura of feminine sophistication

Let The Light In


Fill your space with an abundance of natural light. Not only does this bring a relaxed, ethereal nature to the space,  it is also grounding and comfortable. Where there is light there is also an opportunity to bring in some greenery. Consider placing pots in natural woven baskets to help maintain the lightness of the space. Macrame wall hangings are also idea to bring in a hand crafted artisanal quality that instantly connects us to the world around us. See our post on How To Boho for macrame and other greenery ideas.

To add another layer to your design story, consider hanging sheer curtains to help filter light. These curtains have a lightness to them that offers a little bit of privacy and maximum light exposure. For an additional feminine touch, opt for lace curtains. It was add a layer of texture to stylishly dress up your walls, and brilliant shadow lines to enhance your space.

Bonus Tip: Canopy Appeal

Image: Urban Outfitters

Another hallmark to romantic decor is the canopy bed. To keep the space feeling light and airy, opt for sleek, clean lined pillars in rustic wood tones. We love the idea of a rustic canopy bed, it adds to the enchanted quality to the space and sets the tone of regal mystery. Hanging string lights across the canopy  provides a whimsical twist and is on trend with today’s design atmosphere. If you don’t have string lights or do not have access to a free wall outlet, consider hanging sheer curtains to complete look. Or you can simply let these statuesque pillows stand alone for a picture perfect enchanted design.

Incorporating these design elements will help you achieve a masterfully designed romantic bedroom every time. Add a few feminine touches, a little bit of sparkle and whole lot of love to fall into this romantic inspired dwelling, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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