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Acrylic Glass- Stylish and Affordable

We recently installed an étagère  in a client’s bathroom. It was beautiful and affordable and added much needed space. The only problem were the 2 inch openings on the lattice style shelf. Anything smaller than 2inches would fall right through, how frustrating! So we came back with an easy cost effective solution, acrylic glass! Its clear nature is unobtrusive and goes when our design for the rest of the space. It’s also easy to find (and cut to size) at your local home improvement store. There are so many other wonderful ways to use this cost effective material in other spaces.

Get Organized

Photo: Country Living

Create a wall calendar and enhance your home office. You can easily purchase standoffs from your local hardware store or online retailer and mount a clear sheet of acrylic glass to your wall. Use dry erase markers and create your own personalized layout. Vinyl appliques also work for a more refined result.

Float a Shelf

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

We love this custom wall mounted frame with acrylic glass shelf. It can be easily assembled with lumber from your local home improvement store, a few screws or bolts and a can of wood stain. Best yet, all of the pieces can be cut to your particular dimensions to minimize effort.

Hang Curtains

Photo: Collins_International via Instagram

This is beautiful in its simplicity! A clear plastic rod with added hooks and hardware! The possibilities here are endless. We especially love the baby blue and gold combination. Instant chic and timeless style


Photo: Furnish Burnish

There are many acrylic glass inspired products to be found on the market. We love the effortless style and easy display. Be cautious of what you display, although its technically storage its also functional apart of your design story. Don’t miss an opportunity to add your signature style. Also…watch out for fingerprints.

Install a Backsplash

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

This one is a bit of a departure from acrylic glass  but is stylish nonetheless. Try using back painted glass for your next tile backsplash. It’s a beautiful way to add color to your spaces. Keep in mind glass is heavy and should be installed by a professional. Any cracks can easily telegraph across the material and will compromise the integrity of the product. Although we love style, ease and affordability, safety always comes first. Until next time! – D

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