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    Year End Review: Best of 2017

    2017 was the year of Hygge, Tiny Houses, Farmhouse Style, Metallics and Millennial Pink. We’ve seen talented designers push the boundaries of every design trend and we have watched the spirit of the design community as they give back and enrich the lives of others through the power of design. In this post we look back at our most popular articles. Cozy Contentment of Hygge It is no doubt that Hygge dominated 2017. The power of of finding contentment, enjoyment in the present is a calming juxtaposition to our hectic lifestyles. Warm neutrals, knitted elements, rustic accoutrements and a cozy quiet corner are at the heart of hygge and shaped…

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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas!   From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Here’s wishing you all the joy and magic of the holiday season. Thank you for being part of our Design Community! We look forward to creating a year of inspired design, curated room scenes, product finds and home decor styling advice with you in 2018! Have a little Hygge this Holiday Season and savor every moment! Until Next Time- D      

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    How to Acquire Corporate Sponsorship for Small Businesses

    Dayziner LLC and The Chaise Lounge Podcast has joined together to bring our audience resources and informational content on the business of Interior Design. We are excited to share our first blog post on acquiring sponsors. The end of the year is upon us. It is the time to reflect on the past year and determine future goals for the year ahead. Continual thinking outside the box the key to growing and maintaining your business while differentiating yourself from competitors. When we think of corporate sponsors, we typically think of celebrity endorsements, professional athletes, or even product placement in movies. Did you know that corporations are also willing to sponsor…

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    Shop The Look: Rustic Farmhouse

    Farmhouse inspired looks, vintage pieces and rustic home touches have played center stage in 2017. We have seen many modern farmhouse room scenes from entryways, to living rooms, to kitchens. The popularity of television shows such has Fixer Upper, easy comfortable lifestyle trends such as hygee and our own hectic daily routine has put the focus on an simplistic, organic easy style to maintain design style. In this shop the look feature, we took design inspiration from a vintage photo shoot and added classic comfortable pieces to create a rustic farmhouse inspired living room. Best of all you can purchase each piece directly through our partnership with Muzeboard! Rustic Enchantment…

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    Top Design Trends For 2018: Vintage Lights

    With the end of the year upon us Design professionals, Pintrest pinners and Style Influencers are predicting the top design trends for 2018. Design trends will shape the way we shop, what we see in the magazines and how to decorate our homes. Start preparing now to set the tone for the New Year with one of the top trending decor element: Vintage Lights Vintage Copper Pendants We have seen copper and brass and other metals as one of the top design trends for 2017. In 2018 Copper takes center stage as unique statement pieces. Copper is a bit of a chameleon, blending well with rustic, industrial, farmhouse, cottage and…

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    What The Heck Is Hygge And Should You Try It?

    In 2017 America saw the rise of Hygge as the latest lifestyle trend. Pronounced “hoo-gah”, hygge is a Danish word used to express a feeling  of comfort, coziness, and happiness enjoying the simpler things. It involves a conscious state of slowing down and being in the present, whether alone or with friends. Although the term dates back to the 1800s, its now and integral part of Danish life. If you have ever enjoyed reading a book by the fire, the comfort of an oversized sweater or the calmness of a cup of tea then you have experienced hygge. Hygge in the Home With a focus on warmth and comfort its…

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    #Holiday Mantle Decorating for Every Design Style

    The #holidays are upon us! Christmas shopping has begun, lights are on the tree and we are busy getting ourselves holiday ready. Still working on your last minute holiday decor? In today’s post we will focus on Holiday Mantle Decorating for every design style. Traditional Holiday Mantle A timeless holiday classic. Focus on traditional holiday motifs and provide lot of greenery. Stick with one theme, whether its Santa, reindeer, snowman, or presents. This will help keep your design and color scheme focused and not overdone with too many elements. The colors of the holiday season are plentiful. For traditional and transitional inspired decor stick with a neutral desaturated color palette.…

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    Designer Tips for Furniture Arrangement

    How your room is furnished can make or break the functionality of the room. But what significance does the arrangement of the furniture have on function and appearance? Today we look at the three essential principals of space planning and apply them to everyday room layouts. Arrangement for Communication Think about your day to day life. We are communicating with others either with our words or with our gestures a thousand times a day. The home is no different. Not only do we want our family and guests to feel comfortable, we also want them to feel welcomed. Typically we arrange furniture in a square or rectangular arrangement so our…

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    Shop the Look: Modern Farmhouse Entryway

    The entryway of your house receives the most foot traffic than any other space. Its the touchdown space for keys, groceries, coats and even shoes. Its also one of the spaces that easily gets cluttered… and fast! Having an efficient entryway is crucial to maintaining your sanity. Amazon is one of our favorite go to retailers for pretty much everything. We have even ordered dog food from Amazon, a Prime delivery was much easier than running to the store! We tend to think of amazon for products and gifts, but can you really design your home from Amazon? Would we like it? Do they offer anything that fits our design…