Bohemian Inspired Cocktail Party with Wayfair

‏We are officially into the start of the spring season, even if the weather may not feel like it!  We have been gearing up for the warm weather for quite some time now, from our Front Door Styling Tips for Spring to our Nautically Inspired Shop The Look Feature. Now we are collaborating with Wayfair for our take on a Outdoor Fantasy Cocktail Party!

We love bohemian inspired spaces with rustic touches, a splash of glam and a hint of femininity. Wayfair’s vast inventory has a little bit of everything and is very easy to shop. One of our favorite Design Tools is the Virtual Idea Board. As designers we firmly believe in using every tool available to help streamline and organize the design process. We covered some of our favorite resources in our last post How To Become Your Own Interior Designer. 

After compiling some of our favorite pieces into our idea board, we narrowed down our selections to those most closely aligned with our design theme. Editing our selections was a challenge, but we now have some great pieces lined up for our next project!

As designers we love to visualize our projects. It helps us understand if we are heading in the right direction and gives our clients a glimpse into our design intent.

Bohemian Inspired Outdoor Cocktail Party


Styling by Dayziner LLC

With bold pops of color, patterns, and rustic touches our outdoor party is an easy going, whimsical delight. We added subtle feminine touches and a splash of glam to infuse our personal design style into the space. Read on for how we did it, style advice and a custom shopping list!

1. Decide How You Want to Entertain

Our first step in this design process was determining how we wanted to entertain our guests? Was the party going to take place indoors or outdoors? Were we going to be in an indoor sunroom with great views to the outdoors, or did we want to have a beautiful lawn and garden party? Each space has their own distinct needs and requirements.

We love versatility. Therefore, we selected indoor/outdoor furniture and accessories that can be easily moved.


Wayfair- Densmore 4 Piece Dining Set

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A great way to add in rustic charm is through furniture. We were immediately drawn to the weathered wood, easy-going style and the mixed seating arrangements. Mixing seating types adds an eclectic nature and a fun, unexpected twist. Since we are selecting decor elements from a variety of design styles, this furniture set makes for an ideal foundation piece.

2. Select an Area Rug

If you have been following our blog, then you know that we often like to start with a great area rug. An area rug is a great opportunity to set the overall look and feel for the space.  Even better, area rugs already come with a pre determined color palate! This is a great starting point for the other accessory pieces. Simply pull colors from the rug to inform your color selection for the remaining items. Easy!

Wayfair- Florus Hand-Woven Indoor/Outdoor Rug

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We love the bold patterns and colors on this bohemian inspired rug. The contrast of the deep fuchsia against the vibrant outdoor greenery provides a stunning design impact. Remember to select weather resistant indoor/outdoor area rugs if you rug is going to be exposed to the elements.

3. Set the Table

Now that we have our foundation pieces we are ready to create our table scape! This is where you can really hone in on your design style or party theme.

Wayfair- Primavera Table Runner

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We love for our spaces to have a soft, classically feminine touch while still remaining whimsical and fun. A great way to add in a feminine detail without having it overpower your design is with a table runner. Table runners provide a stunning background for your beautifully styled table. We love the soft floral pattern on the airy linen material.


Wayfair- Hemel 12 Piece Dinnerware

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What’s a party without bold colors and patterns! To provide design interest look for fun whimsical pieces that will give your guests something to talk about. We love the global inspired nature of these melamine plate set.

Bonus! It’s melamine which gives it added durability should these plates take a tumble.

Wayfair- Dickert Ombré Napkins










Wayfair- Artisan Splendor Flatware

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These ombre dinner napkins pair perfectly with our selected area rug. We love the subtle color transition to add softness and sophistication. For an extra glam touch we paired the napkins with gold flatware for a classy twist.


Wayfair- Velasquez Martini Glasses

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Since we introduced gold into our color scheme we wanted to add an additional gold element. These martini glasses add that fun feminine quality that helps make the space uniquely our own. The polka dots are a fun and festive way to help celebrate a spirited, lively engagement!


Wayfair- Windowpane Glasses

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Don’t overlook your drinking glasses for an opportunity to bring in your personal design style. We opted for these colorful glass set to keep the space, fun, festive and informal. The set of four comes with four different colors. If only two of the colors fit your color scheme, then purchase an additional set for the ability to mix and match.

We find that drinking glasses are one of those items you can’t have too many of. After all, you may have an unexpected guest to accommodate!

3. Add Layers of Comfort

If you are planning on having your guests seated for an extended period of time, make sure that seat is comfortable! Add in seat cushions or decorative pillows to provide a layer of comfort. This also adds layers to your outdoor living space which makes your space both inviting and visually interesting.

Wayfair- Soldado Outdoor

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Since we are surrounded by lush greenery in the great outdoors we wanted to provide a reference to it within our design scene. We love the foliage pattern on these lumbar pillows to instantly connect us to nature. The added benefit of botanical prints is that it adds a touch of the tropics to the space, even if your local climate doesn’t support this type of foliage.


Wayfair- Michiel Outdoor Throw

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Style Tip: Mix up your pillow sizes to enhance your space. Not all guests have the same comfort needs. Not only does this provide a myriad of options for your guests comfort, it also helps define your space.

We opted for the larger pillows to enhance our bench seating. We love how the rich blue contrasts the green pillows while also picking up on the blue in the area rug.


Wayfair- Avery Pavilion

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Keep in mind that physical comfort also means comfort from the elements. Make your party transform from day to night with an overhead patio structure. Guests are protected from harsh sun exposure and your party can continue in the event of light rain. Even better, you have a great opportunity to hang festive lighting to help create your party atmosphere!

4- Add in Lighting

Every space is different. Keep in mind that electrical elements need to be placed in the proximity of a protected electrical receptacle in order to function . Lighting has the abitly to create and define the mood. Here at Dayziner, we simply adore market lights and incorporate them any chance we get!

Wayfair- Jaime Globe String Lights

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Wayfair- Truc Chandelier

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Lighting is another key opportunity to define your design style. For the final rustic touch we added in this beautiful 6 light pendant. The rustic wood pairs nicely with our dining table and the metal details provides the contrast needed to really create that WOW factor.

5- Stay Hydrated

When the weather heats up, you need to have a refreshments handy to keep you cool. Rather than running back inside when you need a refill, consider a handy drink cart!

Wayfair- Bucksport Bar Serving Cart

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When working with so many different accessories, keep in mind that not everything can be the star of the show. Functional pieces are great elements to keep in a neutral color scheme. They also transition well as your design style changes.


Wayfair- Jodie Beverage Dispenser

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Adorn your drink cart with a stylish beverage dispenser and fill it up with a colorful drink in the same colorway as your decor accessories. This is a great way to tie in your color palate and maintain your theme.

Leave some space on the drink cart for fresh cut flowers, or even a nearly natural artificial plant if you don’t have time to run to the florist. To follow our design theme we selected the beautiful pink peonies in the mood board below!

Shop The Look

Are you ready to create your own Bohemian Inspired Outdoor extravaganza? All of our selections are fully shopable on Wayfair. Simply click on the image below!



Truc 6-Light Outdoor Chandelier

artificial plant

Ficus Tree in Pot


Windowpane Double Old Fashioned Glass

bar cart

Bucksport Bar Serving Cart


Michiel Outdoor Throw Pillow

lumbar pillow

Soldado Outdoor Lumbar Pillow

dining set

Densmore 4 Piece Sunbrella Dining Set

dinnerware set

Hemel Melamine 12 Piece Dinnerware Set

beverage dispenser

Jodie 3 Gal Beverage Dispenser


Avery Pavilion 10 Ft. W x 12 Ft. D Cedar Permanent Gazebo

flatware set

Artisan Splendor 20 Piece Flatware Set


Dickert Ombre Cotton Dinner Napkin

martini glass

Valazquez Martini Glass

artificial plants

Succulent Desktop Plant in Pot


Scollfyld Pink Peony in Acrylic Water Glass Vase

string lights

Jaime 50-Light 50 ft. Globe String Lights


Florus Hand Woven Melon Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

table runner

Primavera Table Runner

Don’t be afraid to mix and match decor pieces. Keep in mind that what doesn’t work in one room could always work in another. You also might just find that one piece you love! Be sure to take advantage of the tools available to you to visualize all your pieces cohesively.

Take a risk and have fun! Outdoor entertaining is about celebrating the spirit of the season with your family and friends. If you design a space that makes you happy, then your guests will be happy!

Until Next Time!