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    Acrylic Glass- Stylish and Affordable

    We recently installed an étagère  in a client’s bathroom. It was beautiful and affordable and added much needed space. The only problem were the 2 inch openings on the lattice style shelf. Anything smaller than 2inches would fall right through, how frustrating! So we came back with an easy cost effective solution, acrylic glass! Its clear nature is unobtrusive and goes when our design for the rest of the space. It’s also easy to find (and cut to size) at your local home improvement store. There are so many other wonderful ways to use this cost effective material in other spaces. Get Organized Create a wall calendar and enhance your home office. You…

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    Why We Love Tiny Houses

    Ok we admit it, we are currently obsessed with Tiny Houses. Like pack our bags and sign us up level obsession. One of our go to shows is Tiny House Nation on DIY network. It’s so fun to watch these spaces come alive and the utter excitement the owner has on the reveal. They even featured an episode where they made a custom  dog elevator to get the little pooches upstairs. Brilliant! Although it wouldn’t work for our 48 lb hound lab mix, but maybe the cats…‌ Here’s why we love Tiny Houses Portable Style Not only can you hitch one of these up to your vehicle and travel to…

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    Guest Room Design Tips

    We can’t believe have fast the summer has gone by. This Friday marks the first day of fall!  With falls comes cooler weather, shorter days, autumn leaves and the onset of the holiday season! Before we know it the holidays will be here and that means lots of time with family and friends. With family in town, overnight guests are sure to follow, time to make sure your guest room is ready! Guests rooms have been trending to be more home-esque, allowing your guest to experience a true home away from home atmosphere. This is a great representation of a hotel inspired guest room. A sense of comfort and a…

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    Shop the Look- Navy and Gold Contemporary Living Room

    Navy and Gold Contemporary Living Room Abstract art and patterns combine with geometric pieces to create this Modern Contemporary Living Room Arrange It Place furniture on opposite sides of the room to create an area for conversation. Keep artwork adjacent to windows to minimize direct exposure to sunlight. Chose accent pieces selectively.   Shop the Look Love the look, we’ve done the work for you! Here’s where you can find the pieces you love. Mix and match with your existing pieces to create your own look. Happy designing! Until next time. -D

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    Working with Wallpaper

    When you first mention the words WALLPAPER eyes start to roll and mouths start to gag. Suddenly people are whisked back to thoughts of the 60s and 70s when wallpaper was everywhere. Clients instantly think of that pink flowered wallpaper at their grandmothers that just wouldn’t be fit for present day society. Wallpaper really doesn’t have to be your worst enemy or a blast from the past. There are so many interestingly bold patterns available that can give your room instant drama and intrest with minimal effort. For all the non committal readers out there, they even make temporary wallpaper. (Check out one of our faves www.tempaper.com) Here are a…

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    Designing for Millennials

    There has been so much talk about how to design for Millennials, the game changing age group that is currently sweeping the nation. Instead of getting advice from other generations that have not walked a day in the life of their shoes, why not just ask a millennial. Crazy concept right?! Well I am a millennial, and a first time home buyer and a designer. Many of my friends have purchased and renovated their first home (and I have given advice to many of them) Heres what I found from my experience. Millennials are social people! Not only are we active on social media we also have a need to…

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    2018 Color Trends Forecast

    Color forecasting is one of my most looked forward things of year. Almost instantly next years forecasted trends are spotted on the runway, in magazines and on your favorite products. The much anticipated Pantone Color of the Year will be realized soon and I can’t wait for Twitter to go crazy the announcement. I typically like to wait to get the color forecast presented live. The Surya showroom at the  High Point Market presents the Sherwin Williams Color Mix forecast during fall market. I highly recommend it if you are planning on attending fall market this year. Also your local Sherwin Williams representative will likely present a presentation for the…

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    Top Design Trends in Every State

    We simply can’t get enough of this map! Joybird has compiled a list of the most googled design trend in every state into a lovely, easy to read infographic. Chances are you share a similar design point of view as your neighbor. If so, team up and score great local deals and design finds together! Be on the lookout at garage sales and thrift stores for that one of a kind piece and you will be the neighborhood hero! Or better yet if you want your style to be uniquely yours, go against the trend and be your design to your own beat! We are most surprised by how neighbor…

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    2017 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

    The October 2017 issue of House Beautiful magazine features the 2017 Kitchen of the Year designed by Jon De La Cruz. What we love about this space is the fusion of vintage inspired pieces mixed with current modern day elements. This is the current “IT” trend. We recently wrote about ways to incorporate Modern Retro design into your current space. Designer tips for Modern Retro Style So many aspects of day to day life is focused around the kitchen. We admit it, we are total foodies and having a place for our family and friends to gather is so important. We love this oversized built in seating with farmhouse style table.…

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    Designer tips for Modern Retro Style

    Photo: Elle Décor Modern Life Concept House   Ever wonder how to infuse design décor from 60s and 70s into modern living? Designers have been infusing historical references into their design concept for years. Many times its a subtle reference in the color story of the design palette, sometimes its a piece of heirloom furniture that ties a personal touch of family history. The designs of past decades were hard working multi-tasking pieces. Form follows function and a piece that didn’t serve a purpose was omitted. When designing a retro modern house, consider the usage of each piece and eliminate anything that doesn’t have a purpose. Not only will this…