#ThanksgivingGoals: Food Art

In honor of the upcoming turkey day we have compiled a list of our #ThanksgivingGoals that celebrate food art from various designer around the world. We searched the internet for the offbeat and inspiring and we just can not believe how creative artists can be with food. Thanksgiving is about food and family, but rarely do we look at food as true works of art. To be a true curator of the design is to celebrate all types of design and creativity. Today we are celebrating those that create whimsical beauty in unexpected ways.

Carved Fruit


An ode to an x-acto knife! We are obsessed with the intricacy of this design. Not only are all the lines straight and even but the depth of the carve is equal and consistent throughout. To have such strait lines on a curved form is remarkable. We are also impressed by the scale of the pattern. The design starts off small at he top and gradually increases in size as it continues. This took planning and a lot of trial and error! The artist behind this image has a lot of patience, a clear vision, and really steady hands!  For more photos visit:

Whimsical Animals


This Japanese artist uses grated  radishes to create wonderfully stunning works of food art.  We love seeing this animals pop up in unexpected places. Although minimally detailed the creatures are amazingly lifelike and true to form. They are so cute we don’t even want to eat them. We just want to admire the beauty and inspiration. For more photos visit

Miniature Delight

Image: Matthew Carden

Childhood Dreams

Have you ever thought about how those marshmallows get on top of the sweet potatoes casserole? Apparently its little men hard at work behind the scenes who make it happen!  We love the miniature photography of   Matthew Carden who combines food with pop culture to create his whimsical works. The little world he creates makes you believe that the impossible is possible and the result is magical.

Image: Pintrest

Do you remember being a little kid and being so excited when the local traveling artist was creating balloon animals and you just had to have one? Balloon animal magic just got upgraded. This is a full on Thanksgiving feast created out of nothing but balloons! Its as simple as it is creative, although we have no idea how that turkey was formed! This image has highlights the importance of staging. Placing the dynamic balloon scene in the oven is EVERYTHING! We feel like a kid again, please pass the mashed potatoes.

We hope you enjoyed your pre-Thanksgiving design appetizers. Take time to celebrate the season with your family and friends. Reminder, our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday. Happy Thanksgiving! Until Next Time! -D