Thanksgiving Tablescapes

In a blink of an eye Thanksgiving is upon us! November has flown by and to be honest, we are still eating Halloween candy! The last part of the year always seems to be a blur of holiday shopping, crazy deadlines, festive parties, and busy schedules.

We recently came across the #tablescapes decor trends for this Thanksgiving holiday season. Tablescapes are beautifully decorated holiday tables that are sure to impress. They vary from the simple to elaborate and encompass every design style imaginable. Every host wants to be remembered for their beautiful home, trendy decor and wonderful food.



Although we work a lot with neutrals, we absolutely love color. We love to see color blended in organic ways that are effortlessly beautiful. The rich, jewel toned purple pops against the rustic table and deep greenery. People tend to steer away from black chargers and plates as the black easily saturates the area and can be difficult to work with. Here black and white are juxtaposed which adds a lot of visual contrast helping each color to pop on its own. For a more authentic look, stick with colors that are in season. This will give your table a seasonal integrity and will be more cost effective to decorate.



Playing with scale instantly adds drama to your space.  On first glance of this tablescape, our eyes were instantly drawn to the multi-height candles. Staggering the heights add visual interest to the space and helps create a layered look. When working with multiple heights remember the rule of three. Arrangements are stronger and have more impact when placed in groups of three. Once you learn this rule, you will start to see it applied to many successful designs. It is a simple designer trick and it works quite well. Try it, you will be surprised!


When in doubt keep it simple! Its already stressful enough to meal plan, go shopping, cook all day, get the house clean, and be a jovial host. Work with what you have. If you don’t have a place mat, skip it. No cloth napkins, no problem! Fruit and candles can make for a beautiful and affordable centerpiece. We love the idea of using a cored pineapple and pears as shown in the image above. It’s a great use of texture and color in a simple and easy way. Remember the season is about family and togetherness. Find time to relax without having to worry about one more thing.

Don’t forget about the little ones! We love this idea for a children’s table! Using a coloring page  as a place mat is  fun and easy way to decorate and keep the kids entertained. The turkey crayon holder is a fun make ahead craft that can get your kids in the holiday spirit, or a can be a quick adult diy project. We also love the idea of the popcorn center piece. Its a quick and easy snack that is a good finger food. Especially for children. You could even add some pieces of candy corn to the mix for a special surprise!

There are endless opportunities to celebrate the season with design, style, fun and family. Whatever you decide, make it enjoyable and remember to give thanks. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time! – D