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‘The Bold Type’ Apartment Style for Less

The Bold Type on Freefrom has been my summer obsession. I’m a little sad that the season is over but find comfort that some of my other favorite fall shows will be premiering soon. I love following the lives of these women as they find themeselves navigating through the working world. Their lives are relatable and so are their apartments.

This screenshot of Sutton doing some arts and crafts immediately takes me back to my time in Studio. Using whatever space I had to assemble material boards, sometimes I even sat on the floor to work because it’s was the largest clearest space I had to lay out all my stuff! It’s about using what you have to make things work. I love how the space is tight and filled from wall to wall with stuff. That is the reality when you are just starting off and in too small apartments with roommates. Having a good bookshelf or other wall storage is imperative in small spaces. Take advantage of vertical space wherever you can to improve efficiency and make your pieces pull double duty.

I think that Pinstripes apartment is designed perfectly, although I’m not sure how he can afford it. The rustic wall treatment gives a since of warmth and masculinity. Wood walls can be expensive! Look for wall paper with a realistic wood print to save on details. If you are really on a tight budget try framing a wrapping paper print you really like. You can even spray paint the frame to give an added pop of color. While you won’t get a full wrapped wall effect you will get a beautiful gallery wall that reflects your personal style.

I love the trunk as an ottoman as it also doubles as storage space.

I found this similar coffee table on Wayfair for under $200!

If your budget is even tighter, try using a wicker laundry basket with a top to achieve this same effect or find an old suitcase and repurpose it into a storage ottoman.

With concrete floors and area rug is mandatory or else you will have an acoustic nightmare! This is your opportunity to infuse some color into your space. If your rug has a smooth surface look for some textural accent pillow to properly layer the space.

With a little creativity and outside of the box thinking the opportunities are endless! Until next time. -D

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