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Working with Wallpaper

When you first mention the words WALLPAPER eyes start to roll and mouths start to gag. Suddenly people are whisked back to thoughts of the 60s and 70s when wallpaper was everywhere. Clients instantly think of that pink flowered wallpaper at their grandmothers that just wouldn’t be fit for present day society.

Wallpaper really doesn’t have to be your worst enemy or a blast from the past. There are so many interestingly bold patterns available that can give your room instant drama and intrest with minimal effort. For all the non committal readers out there, they even make temporary wallpaper. (Check out one of our faves

Here are a few of our tips on using wall paper.

1- Focus on one wall

Photo: Zero Energy Designs

Chose one wall in your space to be the accent wall. Use this wall to create a scene or set a mood. Paint the other walls neutral colors to coordinate against the accent wall. Choosing one wall to receive accent color will help minimize the expense and keep you from over designing.

2- Go big in small spaces

Photo: Pintrest
Photo: Pintrest

Have a wild pattern you love but don’t know where to put it? These patterns work great in powder rooms, foyers, and nooks. You can really grab attention in these otherwise forgotten places. These are areas where people don’t tend to linger so there is no need to worry about being too overwhelming. They are often overlooked areas that tend to be left behind in the decorating process. The best part, smaller spaces mean less material!

3- Frame it out

Photo: Emily Hendersen
Photo: House Beautiful

If you are looking for something that can easily be changed, stick your beautiful wall paper in a frame and hang it on the wall. It’s a cinch to swap it out later if you are feeling a change. This tip also works well for bookcase displays. A little pop of color on the back of a book shelf can create a whole new display dynamic

4- Go Faux

Photo: Pintrest

Love the industrial look but are surrounded by four gypsum walls? No problem, grape a print with a brick or exposed wood pattern. The clarity of printing is so precise on these new designs it’s hard to tell if the bricks are real or faux.

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