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Top Design Trends in Every State

Top Design Trends in Every State. Photo: Joybird

We simply can’t get enough of this map! Joybird has compiled a list of the most googled design trend in every state into a lovely, easy to read infographic.

Chances are you share a similar design point of view as your neighbor. If so, team up and score great local deals and design finds together! Be on the lookout at garage sales and thrift stores for that one of a kind piece and you will be the neighborhood hero!

Or better yet if you want your style to be uniquely yours, go against the trend and be your design to your own beat!

We are most surprised by how neighbor states share similar tastes. Also surprising is the increase in bohemian design by the southeastern tastes.

Photo: Joybird

Another ultimate shocker was the amount of Victorian searches. We would have given that title to either Mid Century Modern or Industrial, both have been trending heavily in the design world as of late.

Data doesn’t lie and now you have a sneak peak at what your neighbors are searching for. Happy Style Hunting! Until next time. -D