Top Interior Design Style in Every State

Last year, we shared the Top Design Trends in Every State. Now its time to do it all over again. How does your state compare to the rest of the country. Where do you fit in? Do you agree with findings?

How many times do we turn to Google for our design related needs? Whenever we are stuck, need design ideas or simply want to find the nearest sale we immediately turn to the search engine giant. But guess what, your neighbors are doing the exact same thing. All this handy information can then be aggregated and turned into a lovely info-graphic for your design loving pleasure!

Our friends at Pots, Planters and More reviewed the Google Search terms from all around the country and determined the most popular Interior Design Styles by state.

Interior Design Styles by State

Image via Pots, Planters and More

So, why does this information matter?

First of all it help to clarify how your personal design style stacks up against your neighbors. Ever feel like you just don’t fit in? Perhaps you are an art deco aficionado living in a farmhouse inspired area. Looking for that perfect piece to finish off your design? You may need to take a road-trip! Of course, many decor elements can be purchased online for nationwide shipping. Keep in mind that many local stores stock in demand items specific to their local market. If you have your heart set on that one of a kind bohemian inspired piece and you live in the southeast it may be time to do a little traveling!

So, what surprised us?

We expected to see more Bohemian search terms coming out of California. Especially with their desert climate (hello succulents!!), multicultural influence and the home of  Jungalow founder herself, Justina Blakeney! We also expected Bohemian style to be sprinkled evenly across the United States. Alaska was a shocker! We did not initially expect the frozen tundra to give off Boho Vibes!

Dayziner LLC

It has been noted in the past that millennials love mid century modern design. We were surprised that this style didn’t even make the map! We would be curious to see the design style information broken down by age demographics as well as region. It could be quite possible that they still have an affinity towards the style but not actively  searching for it. We would be curious to know if the demography behind these Google Search Terms are similar to American Idol voting? Have you ever really voted for the next American Idol?


Dayziner LLC for Decorist

We were also surprised by the states searching for coastal design. While Florida is an obvious choice, it could have easily been split with Art Deco. South Florida is home to many iconic Art Deco Spaces. We would have expected an increase in searches by homeowners and hoteliers in  that area seeking to source deco inpired elements to pair against the iconic architecture. Also, Coastal Decor and New Jersey?!

Coastal decor seems so relaxed for the state of New Jersey, especially with the northern portion being so close to NYC.

Most Popular Rooms To Design

Image via Pots, Planters and More

So, what’s popular?

We can also learn which rooms are the most popular to design. This information can be especially helpful to interior designers who can target their services to highlight these areas. It also sheds light into how we live and the spaces that are most important to us.

Dayziner LLC

Interestingly, the most popular spaces appear to be regionally specific. This suggests there is a common culturally specific denominator  across the United States. Surprisingly, living rooms ranked lowest on the search with kitchens taking the  top slot.

Image: Pintrest

Another surprise lies in South Carolina, the only state that is popularized by Front Porch Design. We are surprised this isn’t more popular in other southern states which are typically characterized by warm weather, inviting atmosphere and southern hospitality.

So, what’s next?

Keep up the searching and let’s continue the design journey. Let’s explore a new world of design possibilities for 2019! What spaces are you thinking about renovating? How can we help you turn your design dreams into reality?

Send us your floor plans, measurements and inspiration and we’ll send you a newly redesigned space that you simply cannot wait to call home!

Until Next Time!