What is E-Design

What is E-Design? Is it Right for Me?

E-Design Services are on the rise for 2018. The popularity of online shopping and the ubiquity of technology has made interior design more affordable and accessible than ever. Gone are they days of design services available exclusively to the rich and famous. Today the average home owner or design enthusiast can shop online for their favorite products and have them delivered directly to their doorstep.

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So… why do you even need a Interior Designer?

The truth is…you really don’t!

With a little time and patience, you can create your own beautifully inspired space. We have lots of great tips and tricks available on our website to give you the tools you need to do it yourself.  But sometimes you don’t have time to do it yourself. Or you don’t have the vision to see the completed space. An blank empty space can be daunting! Trust us…we’ve been there!

That’s where we come in!

Professional Interior Designers have gone through the rigorous training to understand the theory and concepts of how spaces are put together and why successful spaces just seem to work. We also know the products that are available on the market and where to find them. Often times, we can actually get them for cheaper as many home decor stores offer trade discounts exclusively for designers.

Most of all, we ask the tough questions. The questions you might not think to ask yourself. These questions help us to understand your design aesthetic, and enable us to assemble a room that functions in the way that you live. Not only does this protect your investment, but it gives your space usability. This transforms your room into a space you actually want to be in! How great is that!

So… how does it work?

E-Design Steps:

1- First you will have to take a few measurements and photographs of your space. A quick napkin sketch of your room is perfectly acceptable. Just make sure that your measurements are accurate! We will draw up a floor plan of your space, based off the measurements you provide with our drafting software.

Floor Plan Dayziner LLC

2- Send us links of your inspiration photos. Sites like Houzz and Pintrest work great for this! It gives us a feel for the types of spaces that you are drawn to.

Multi tasking Whimsical Guestroom Mood Board

Don’t have any inspirational images? Not to worry, we can put together an inspirational style board made specifically for you to help you define your design point of view. We will ask you a series of questions to help us truly understand what inspires you so we can capture the look and feel for your new space!

3- Let us know if you want to keep any of your existing furniture and what new pieces you would like to have us source for the space. We will will be your personal decor shoppers, helping you find your new swoon worthy sofa, lamp, table, you name it!

Concep Board Dayziner LLC


Concept Board Dayziner LLC


4- We will put together a photo collage of all your selected pieces to help you visualize the direction for your new space. Depending on the package you chose, you have the option to stop at this step or have us put together a Visualization of your space, which is called a rendering. This rendering will be unique to your space and incorporate all the existing architecture details such as windows, doors, fireplaces, etc. You will be able to see how the pieces will look installed in YOUR space! We will provide you with set up instructions on how to assemble the room. And Viola… your room is complete.

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5- You can then assemble the room at a time that works for your schedule! We will provide you with a full shopping list of all your selected products. A word of caution: any product that you intend on purchasing may sell out. We recommend making purchases soon after you receive your shopping list to ensure availability. We make every effort to select from available in stock products.

Dayziner LLC Shopping List

Is this right for me?

If you are willing to take a hands on approach to design then E-Design is your answer! You must be willing to take  measurements and photographs of your own space and be available for email correspondence. Depending on the size and scope of the project a typical design can be completed in 1-2 weeks. There are no in home appointments necessary! Simply great design at a time most convenient for you!

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We know you are excited about your new space and so are we! So… what are you waiting for?!

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