How to Acquire Corporate Sponsorship for Small Businesses

Dayziner LLC and The Chaise Lounge Podcast has joined together to bring our audience resources and informational content on the business of Interior Design. We are excited to share our first blog post on acquiring sponsors.

The end of the year is upon us. It is the time to reflect on the past year and determine future goals for the year ahead. Continual thinking outside the box the key to growing and maintaining your business while differentiating yourself from competitors. When we think of corporate sponsors, we typically think of celebrity endorsements, professional athletes, or even product placement in movies. Did you know that corporations are also willing to sponsor small businesses and social entrepreneurs? Why? Its a simple and cost effective tool for them to reach a larger audience.

Big Brands and Corporations want to reach your clients, audience and readership!

Its imperative to know  your audience demographics, interests and spending habits as well as and how much site traffic your website generates. Conduct a site analysis on using Analytic Software such as Google Analytics. Prospective sponsors will want to know and verify your site statistics. Consider creating a Media Kit filled with information you want sponsors to know about your site such as a company overview and mission, user demographics and site statistics, sponsorship opportunities (blog posts, speaking engagements, etc.) and your fees. Melyssa Griffin offers great insight on how to put to together a media kit for your blog, along with a free template! Click Here to go to her site!

Research companies that are in alignment with your brand and start making contact! If you are making contact via email, be sure to use the first and last name of your contact person. A personal connection will not only remind them that you are a human being, but its also a good way to make a positive first impression. Remember to follow up in about a week if you don’t receive an immediate response. Your contact may be working on a deadline, or simply missed your email.

Most of all, don’t get discouraged if you don’t hit the sponsor jackpot straight away. Different companies have different goals, budgets and parameters. It may take a while to find the perfect fit.  Take that first step, don’t look back and give it a shot! You may surprise yourself!

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