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Curated Design for Style Inspiration

The holidays are upon us and the drool worthy holiday catalogs are already in the mail. One of favorites so far is the Pottery Barn December 2017 issue. Its pages are filled with easy, comfortable style that has a timeless, classic feel to it. We find that it is a good go to for design inspiration and many of their decor pieces blend with a variety of design styles.

Pottery Barn December 2017 Catalog Cover

One of the things that make these catalogs so successful are the curated design vignettes. Curated Design refers to the act of pairing objects together by a common theme and arranging them into a completed room layout. The great thing about this is the designer or stylist has done the work for you! All that is left is to simply select the pieces that speak to you. You don’t have to select everything but you have the benefit of knowing that all the pieces will work together if you so desire.

Page from Pottery Barn December 2017 Catalog

What if you don’t see your dream space in any particular catalog? Or you like the overall look, but there is one piece that just has to go and now the room just doesn’t feel complete? You have the option to reach out to a Virtual Interior Design service, like us here at dayziner, or you can create your own curated look in a couple of steps.

Step 1

Select the items you like. Think about the room you are creating and select the main pieces of furniture you would like to have to out fit the space. This will be the main inspiration for your space and the base for your room scene. If working with your existing furniture, it can be a photograph of a similar piece that you will be keeping in your renovated space.

Belham Living Harper Sofa
West Elm Mid Century Show Wood Chair

Step 2

Think about lighting. Light can make or break a room. Consider your unique needs and what you actually plan on replacing. Also consider how you use the space and what areas need additional or fixtures that need to be replaced. This will help determine if you are in search of a floor lamp, a table lamp or a ceiling fixture.

Schoolhouse Electric Lily Lamp

Step 3

Accessorize. An accent rug can amazingly transform a room. It can be a bright pop of color or a subtle neutral that ties everything together. Small decorative elements can also add fun pops of color and a personal touch to your design style. If working with small spaces consider adding shelves and fill it with picture frames, candles or seasonal decor.  Wall clocks and Mirrors are other good go to items to consider when accessorizing.

Andover Mills Melrose Gray area rug

Step 4

Get digital. Grab screen shots of all your selected items and put them all together in one page. This can be a Powerpoint presentation, a Pinboard, or Photoshop file. The most important aspect to create your own curated look is to see everything together. This will inform your design direction and help you clearly determine if your are creating your dream room or need to revisit a few items. We prefer to use Photoshop to put everything together into a complete room scene.

Step 5

Create a price list. Once your final look is complete, make a list of all your selections. Be sure to include where you found the item and the final cost. This will determine if you are within your budget or help establish a design budget if you are just starting your design journey.

Creating curated looks is our passion and we love to assist our clients as they create their dream spaces. We also like to educate our customers on the design process because we believe that good design is accessible to all. Until Next Time! -D

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