Saluting Patriotic Home Decor

This week we celebrate the Independence of our nation. Cookouts, fireworks, family and if we are lucky enough, a day off from work! While we may be ready for a holiday, but, is our house holiday ready? If you are like us then, probably not! We may not have time to adorn our spaces with the signs of the season, but we can certainly salute the homes we adore!

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We love the range of decor behind patriotic inspired red, white and blue spaces. We have seen everything, in every design style, from the traditional flag to patriotic furniture. The best part of decorating in this colorway is that you simply know it works! A powerful red and tranquil blue against a neutral, crisp background. Traditional and timeless but always sure to inspire.

For a twist on how to decorate in classic American colors, we put together a round up of some of our favorite patriotic inspired spaces.

Accent It: Patriotic Pops

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Kitchen areas are often times the center of traffic. It’s where we gather, make memories and spend countless hours. White cabinets can help make your kitchen feel open and airy. We love the addition of these bar stools a bold pop of color that does not distract from the abundantly neutral color scheme.  The ultimate tie in belongs to the bold pop of red in the adjoining room.

Design Tip: When designing open spaces look for elements that can carry from room to room for cohesion. Focus on creating a sense of scale and balance. Pair large amounts of color in one room with subtle pops of the same color in the adjoining room.

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This kitchen is always summer ready! Red is a strong color. We love that the color belongs to the base cabinets while the upper cabinets are kept white and neutral. Having a deep color on the bottom grounds the space while adding depth and visual interest.

In lieu of a tile backsplash the back wall is painted a deep, bold navy. Not only is it a great way to incorporate a patriotic theme, it’s a cost effective solution to the traditional tile background. The deep color contrasts nicely with the white cabinetry.

Design Tip: Use a heavy duty scrubbable paint such as Scruff Master for easy clean up of spills and splashes.

Style It: With Wallpaper

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While wallpaper may not be for everyone, we love the bold sense of style it brings to spaces. In this space combining print on print is paired against bold red furniture.

Design Tip: When working with prints,  stay true to your design style and select furnishings and accessories that follow the same language of materials. Select pieces that appear to be from the same time period or geographic region. This will enable your space to feel authentic.

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Go big or go home! We love the use of red, white and blue in a bold and unexpected way! Balance bold, large scale wallpaper with solid colors. This will help the space feel balanced and give your eye a centralized focal point. For solid colored pieces focus on the consistency of the geometry. Similar shapes, angles or forms can be grouped together to make an overall design statement. Remember you don’t always have to use color to make an impact!

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Often times, patriotic spaces have rustic qualities. When in doubt on what to pair with your red, white and blue decor, opt for simple distressed pieces. Natural woods, whitewashed elements, or driftwood all work well. They bring a certain olde time folk charm to spaces. Even better, these pieces can be completely interchangeable! Natural, rustic pieces can easily be switched around to other spaces. When it’s time to give your space a refresh, you already have a great foundation piece on hand. Now that’s the best type of recycling!

Use It: Colorful Patterned Curtains

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Don’t worry if color isn’t your thing. Just start small. Curtains are a great way to refresh your space. They do an amazing job of providing a completely revitalized look and feel. We love the ease of this space. It is an easy, simplistic look that can change with the seasons. Can you image how completely different this space with a different floral arrangement?

Design Tip: Look for easy foundation pieces and restyle them as often as you like for an easy and versatile style upgrade!

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These curtains are just as whimsical in a beach house scenario as they would be in a bedroom. Curtains are simply another way to add layers to your space. What pairs better with red and white curtains than blue accessories?! If your space is overwhelmingly one color scheme then use your accessories as the contrasting complementary color. Here the blue towels are the perfect patriotic addition to this fun and summery space!

Blend It: With Artwork

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Perfectly curated! For art aficionados use your art pairings as the foundation of the space. In these types of spaces, be fearless and go bold! Art is the embodiment of taking risk, adding layers and creating a curated palette. Try to image the space above without that bold area rug. Hard to do it, right?! It is bold and unexpected, but also just works!

We love that this space is red, white and blue without being in your face patriotic. It’s a great example of how the strength and intensity of colors can give varied results. Here the use of pattern, negative space and color intensity gives this color story a complete unexpected twist.

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We simply adore back painted bookcases. It’s a simple design choice that can have a huge style impact. When showcasing your art pieces select a paint color that works with your art so the colors can really shine through. Similar to the space above, this room utilizes red, white and blue without being reminiscent of the American flag.  This color scheme can be classic and traditional, bold and unexpected and everything in between.

No matter how you chose to decorate, simply remember to celebrate! Take time to be with your family and friends. Laugh, relax, and enjoy! And when you are ready for your next renovation project send us an email! We are only a click away!

Have a happy Fourth of July!

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Until Next Time!