#GivingTuesday: Designs for Dignity

We humbly announce that today is not about us. Today is about doing good and the power to transform lives. Today is #GivingTuesday. Designers have the ability to bring an idea to reality, to make the old new again, or to add a level of comfort and protection in the spaces we reside. The nonprofit organization Designs for Dignity does all this and more and transforms communities.

Nonprofit Spotlight: Designs for Dignity

“Designs for Dignity transforms nonprofit environments through pro bono design services and in-kind donations – empowering lives through design.”

The process is simple, designers and construction professionals donate their time and use donated materials to breathe new life into verified non profit organizations in the local community.  Design becomes localized, accessible and human centered. We all know the wonders that a can of fresh paint can do to completely transform a room. Now imagine this change across a full scale renovation project. The results can be truly transformative.


Believe Shelter Women’s Institute – Designs for Dignity


Believe Shelter- Institute of Women, Designs for Dignity

Designs for Dignity also revitalizes outdoor areas through their garden initiative. Their outdoor living environments and healing gardens promote relaxation, contemplation, outdoor activity, and pride of ownership.

Translife Center Garden- Chicago House; Designs for Dignity

Kitchen Redesign

Renovating your kitchen? Homeowners now have the opportunity to support Designs for Dignity through their partnership with Renovation Angel. Simply donate your kitchen items with Designs for Dignity for a charitable tax donation and Designs for Dignity will then recycle these donated items to Renovation Angel.  Based in Fairfax, NJ, Renovation Angel provides white glove removal services for luxury kitchens. The sell of these luxury items are used to support other non profits with whom their partner. Not only does your support keep items from the landfill, you also have the peace of mind in knowing that you have contributed to transforming the lives of others, all while enjoying your newly redesigned kitchen. It’s a win for everyone!

Renovation Angel

Paying it Forward

Please be aware that we do not work for Designs for Dignity or Renovation Angel and our views are strictly our own. We do however hold a firm belief that design should be accessible, affordable and inspirational. We are always in support our fellow designers that seek to enrich the lives of others and utilize their services for the greater good. On this #GivingTuesday we wanted to use our voice as a platform for others who may not be heard so their good work can continue to spread. Until Next Time! -D

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  • BJ

    Thank you for enlightening me on “Design for Dignity” and “Renovation Angel”. Good to know that “Giving Back” is alive and well in the Designer Community. Nice Read! ~ Thank You!