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#RealTalk: We Can’t Spell (Sorry Mom)

We can’t spell, sorry. Well it’s more like Sorry, Not Sorry. The truth is, what appears to be a mistake could quite possibly be part of the plan. Whether it is an intended omission, a play on words, or simply a letter that once was but faded away with time, every action contributes to setting a tone for your space and is a reflection of your personal design style. We put together a roundup of our favorite apparent misspellings that are all really just part of the plan.

The Anagram

We have all seen it before, rearranging the letters of one word to create a different word of phrase. It comes as no surprise that these anagrams have made their way to home decor, much to the delight of the homeowner with a sense of humor.

Image: Drop a Line Designs via Etsy
Image: Etsy










There is something to be learned about anagrams. For most of us, we never realized all the possible ways you could rearrange the letters to form another word. It is a great way to not only reflect your personal style but to add a conversational element for your guests.

The Foreign Sign

There are many foreign words that look similar to English words that you can figure out their meaning, even with a slightly different spelling. Often in the home decor world, we aren’t given enough information to determine the word is actually a foreign spelling and it presents itself as an error!

Image: The Black Porch Shoppe via Etsy

The Substitution

Exchanging a letter for a symbol or object that maintains the size and shape of the original letter has been trending for many years. We have seen it frequently with the letter “o” replaced with wreaths, hoops or hearts. Although this trend has been around for a while we have constantly see it refreshed in new and modern ways consistent with today’s home design trends. We love this rustic “LOVE” sign from Etsy. Its slightly distressed and weathered but still maintains a rustic, organic quality. It would be great in farmhouse, cottage and rustic style homes but also great decor for weddings or showers.

Image: Little Box Signs via Etsy

The Play On Words

Taking a common phrase that is well known but making a minor change initially seems like a big “OOPS!” But, on second glance you realize exactly what is taking place and recognize the genius behind the work. This is perhaps one of our favorite approaches and is ideal for the savvy, trendy homeowner.

Faded Vintage

These signs have weathered the test of time. The lettering has started to fade making the sign hard to read. In some cases a letter could be missing or is so faint that it is difficult to tell it was even there. These are the signs of yesteryear. They instantly set the tone for a distinct period of time. What appears as an error or omission is simply the tell-tale signs of age. Original signs of days past can be quite costly, but there are many DIY tutorials available to create your own distressed vintage signs on a variety of different materials.











What can appear to be a mishap can be your personal design story. Embrace it. Own it. Your home is your reflection of your personal design style. Who cares if a word is spelled wrong, just tell them you planned it!

Until Next Time! – D