High Point Market Recap

Another High Point Market has come and gone — and this year did not disappoint! The weather was perfect, which was great for running around to all the showrooms without getting heatstroke, frozen or drenched! We are always amazed by the level of work and coordination that goes on the run an event at this scale. Every moment is perfectly orchestrated and all the exhibitors, staff and hosts are friendly, engaging and helpful. It’s part of the reason we come back year after year!

Last week we posted our list of trends we expected at see at this year’s market. Trendwatch: Countdown to Highpoint Market . This week we are rounding up of favorite spotted trends as well as a few surprises.

1. Oceanside

Living Room from Cyan Design Showroom

The 2018 Color of the Year from Sherwin Williams was on full display at fall market. We love the versatility of this color. Blue is always a fan favorite in home décor and we love seeing the richness and fluidity of Oceanside when paired as a minor accent or as a key design element.

Oceanside accessories from Imax

Oceanside pairs well with other color and can create a whimsical, relaxed tone when slightly desaturated.  We love this look for bohemian and romantic inspired spaces. There is a touch of fantasy and an overall lightness. The subtle texture on the lamps and vases gives the space a global feel and a sense of exotic travel while still remaining familiar.

2. Cross-Cultural Inspiration

Going into market we were expecting to see culturally inspired motifs due to the increased interest in travel and globalization. These ideas translated away from patterns and textures and found its way into inspired room scenes and décor elements.

Cyan Design

This room seen is straight out of the safari. We love how there is a sense of the outdoors without the use of greenery. House plants require a lot of maintenance and not everyone has a green thumb. The hardworking décor provides a specific sense of place. We especially love the lighter tone woods paired against the darker elements. It’s a balanced contrast that allow the furniture to stand out against the darker background.

Imax Accessories

This décor display goes around the world and back. The llamas exude a decidedly South American feel but pair nicely with the decorative vases which have more of an Asian influence. Although cropped in this image, the chest of drawers have a Moroccan inspired inlay on the door fronts. The unifying element is the cohesive use of color. We love the llamas, it just makes us smile.



In our last post we spoke about the influence of folklore in design. This pouf is visual proof and it does not disappoint. We love using color in our spaces and are inspired by the color story in this pouf. It can work with any existing color scheme and can bring life into a dull unused corner. The icing on the cake, extra seating!

3- Gold and Brass

Gold is still king and brass is still on trend for 2018. We love seeing these gilded wonders in unexpected places.

Sagebrook Home

Goats are already adorable and pretty hilarious on the internet, but pairing a goat head with gold horns is stunningly brilliant.

Elements of Design

The gold mesh in the background of this showroom is everything. It sets the tone for the look and feel of their product line and helps them stand out against the competition. It certainly caught our eye!

4- Mid Century Modern 

We continually see a blend of Mid Century Modern and Farmhouse inspired pieces. The clean lines and metal meets rustic crossover has a familiar yet timeless feel. It is both inviting and practical which aids in its growing popularity.

Nest Home Collections


Remember that Farmhouse and Mid Century modern spaces don’t have to be neutral to be successful. Geometric patterns and soft textures are also associated in this genre. Pair colors and patterns against natural, weathered woods and polished metals to make the room look cohesive.


High Point Market 2017 was a huge success. We can’t wait to do it all over again in the Spring. We will be right back here with our recap and be sure to follow us on twitter @daydh as we live tweet our way through market. Until next time! -D

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