How to Beat the Back to Work Blues


What goes through a designer's head on the first day back from a vacation? More vacation! Well that probably goes through everybody's head but to in order to keep your pulse on the current trends you have to be on trend! Right now the trend is vacation mode.

My tip for how to handle that first day back from a nice vacation, plan the next one! When the realities of life get you down, think about that last amazing vacation that you had, or the next one you would like to take. Like this beach house in Mallorca or an Italian Villa with a phenomenal view. Bora Bora? Count me in!

We may be back at work, but our minds are still on vacation. The great thing about travel are the interesting perspectives that fuel your design and the unique product finds that give your space life and personality. Travel the world, return, and do it all again!

I do not own the copyright  to these images, but I'd sure like to go!

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